Massimo Listri

Massimo Listri born in 1953 began his career as a photographer at a very young age. At 17 he was collaborating with numerous magazines dedicated to Art and Architecture. During his university years he studied Arts and Letters and continued to expand his work, contributing numerous photographic services to publications devoted to Art, Architecture, and Interior Design.

In 1981 Massimo founded the internationally renowned magazine FMR, with the publisher Franco Maria Ricci and Vittorio Sgarbi. For 20 years this beautiful magazine served as the major vehicle for the expression of Massimo’s photographic essays of the most beautiful Palaces, Villas, Interior Design, and Architecture from all periods.

In thirty years Massimo has published more than 65 books with the most prestigious publishers in Europe and the United States.

In addition, he has exhibited his work at numerous "solo artist" exhibitions throughout the world. Most recently his work has been presented at Palazzo Reale, Milan (2008), Palazzo Pitti (Florence 2009), The Contemporary Art Museum of Prato (2009), The Morgan Library and Museum (New York 2010), The National Library of Taipei (2012), The Italian Institute of Culture in Tokyo (2012), The Museum of Modern Art of Bogota (2012), The Museum of Italian Art in Lima (2012), The Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires (2012), Angelica Libary in Rome (2012), The living art gallery in Santiago (Chile) (2013), Galeria Nacional de Bellas Artes in Dominican Republic (2013) and Schusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow (2013), Museo
Nacional San Carlos Mexico City (2014) ,Benaki Museum in Athens (2014), San Domenico Museum in Forlì (2014), Vatican Museum in Rome (2014), Palazzo Reale in Turin (2014), Kunsthistorisches Museum in Wien (2015) and Museum of Modern Art in Bogotà (2015)