Renato Missaglia

(Brescia, 1946 )

Renato Missaglia was born in Chiari, near Brescia, in 1946.

He attended the Faculty of Law at Milan University and worked in several firms. He has taken an interest in art ever since he was a boy and has been devoting his attentions to it entirely. Missaglia has taken part in numerous group exhibitions and held several personals both in Italy and abroad.

In 1987 and 1991, he was invited to the Salon d’Autômne (in the Grand Palais, in Paris).

In 1991, he held a personal in Hong Kong of works for scenery and costumes for Verdi’s Aida.

In 1992, he took part in the first Paris - Moscow - Beijing Rally as a painter, photographer and journalist, writing numerous articles about this great event in daily newspapers and monthly magazines published in Italy and elsewhere.

In 1993, he published the book Parigi - Mosca - Pechino il viaggio, le forme
(Paris - Moscow - Beijing : the journey and its forms) with Prospettive d’Arte edition, Milan. The paintings made and photographs taken during and after the rally have been the subject of numerous itinerant exhibitions in Italy and other countries, after a début in February 1993 in the Pyramid at the Louvre, in Paris. It was still 1993 when he wrote the book Milena Milani ricordi e incontri (Milena Milani : memories and meetings - Nuovedizionidolomiti, second edition 1994) and illustrated the poetry of Silvana Sar Ciochetto in Mysotis (International Graphic Centre, Venice).

In 1994, the book Renato Missaglia o il sogno della realtà (Renato Missaglia or the dream of reality) which is the Floriano De Santi’s monography that has been published by the International Umberto Mastroianni Centre of Castle Ladislao in Arpino, near Frosinone. To mark the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of its foundation, in September 1994, the C.E.R.N. (European Nuclear Research Centre) in Geneva commissioned Missaglia to portray the five Physics Nobel Laureates who worked there (Jack Steinberger, Sam Ting, Carlo Rubbia, Simon van der Meer and George Charpak).

In 1995, he painted D’après la Tapisserie de Bayeux (After the Bayeux Tapestry) that is a work seventy metres long, which has been shown in Venice, Brescia, Innsbruck, Munich and Vienna. In 1996, he presented “Ten years of painting” at the Umberto Mastroianni Foundation of Castle Ladislao in Arpino.

Also in 1996, he was invited to take part in the XII Quadriennale d’Arte, in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, and organised the event “Learned Painting in Italy” in the Olivetan Abbey at Rodengo Saiano, near Brescia, with Floriano De Santi. In December 1996, he made a graphic interpretation of the poetry of Franca Zubani, Maschi distratti (Distracted Males - International Graphic Centre, Venice).

In 1997, Missaglia showed his works in Vienna, Lisbon (Museu da Agua), Venice, Cortina d’Ampezzo and New York. Also in 1997, he was invited to take part in the Michetti Award and the Celano Sacred Art Award.
The same year also saw the publication of two books : A Cortina d’Ampezzo, Renato Missaglia pittore mio amico (To Cortina d’Ampezzo, Renato Missaglia the painter, my friend) by Milena Milani, published by the International Umberto Mastroianni Centre of Castle Ladislao, Arpino, and Dolomiti Nord (North Dolomites), a little art book that sprang from Missaglia’s work with the art historian Osvaldo Patani (Nuovedizionidolomiti, Belluno).

In 1999, Missaglia held a personal exhibition in the Borgogna Art Gallery in Milan, with a catalogue by Luciano Caramel. The publisher Edizioni Borgogna brought out a monograph Renato Missaglia, duemila emozioni (Renato Missaglia, two thousand emotions), curated by Gaia Agosti.

In 2000, Missaglia showed his works in Brescia ; in 2001 in Rome, in Al-Khobar (Saudi Arabia) and in Sondrio.

Until 2001, Missaglia was the creator and artistic director of the Historical and Photographic Collection of the Remo Bianco Cultural Association, for which he organised numerous events ; he also edited the cultural section of the News magazine published by the Young Industrialists’ Group of the Brescia Industrialists’ Association. In December 2001, Missaglia won the Rodolfo Valentino Award for art related to communication.

In 2002, he showed his works in the Borgogna Art Gallery and the Library in Via Senato, both in Milan ; in addition, he received and executed a commission from the organisers of the MIFF (Milan International Film Festival) to create seven painting trophies as final awards for the film competition.In the same year, the short film Il Quadro (The Painting), which he created, produced and acted in, directed by Franco Bertan, represented Italy in the MIFF 2002.

In 2003, Missaglia showed again in Milan (Borgogna Art Gallery), in Cortina
d’Ampezzo (Farsetti Gallery, Hausammann Gallery, Marescalchi Gallery) and in Perugia (Rocca Paolina) with an anthological show.

In 2004, he was invited to show in the Castle of Charles V in Lecce and in
Saluzzo, in the framework of the XXVII Antiques Exhibition, where he showed
both paintings and an event of his own design, 2004 NEW EUROPE, in which he dedicated a very unusual tribute to the Heads of State of the European Union’s 25 member states. Since 2004, Missaglia has been director of the Remo Bianco Museum of Contemporary Art in Franciacorta at Monticelli Brusati, near Brescia, Italy, which he devised and promoted himself.

In 2005, he presented a preview at the Banca di Roma International in Monte Carlo the exhibition Monte Carlo Meetings and Missaglia completed it with a catalogue published by the GAM (Marescalchi) Gallery.

In 2006, Coca-Cola chose Missaglia to act as its sole artistic testimonial during the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin (he painted 40 pieces inspired by the Olympics for the giant American multinational). In the same year, he was commissioned by the Municipality of Sestriere, in agreement with the Turin 2006 Organising Committee TOROC (the responsible Team for organising the Winter Olympics) to attend the many different facets of the event, recording images and emotions that were to provide the basis for a DVD and a book published by Renografica of Bologna. Due to be launched during the summer of 2006, the book will narrate Missaglia’s entire Olympic experience, at the same time as acting as a catalogue for the painting exhibitions that Testoni S.p.A. (Italy’s most prestigious, exclusive shoemaker) intends to organise in the world’s leading capitals, culminating with the one to be held in 2008 in Beijing to coincide with the Summer Olympics 2008.

When AD, the prestigious international interior design magazine, wanted to celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary (in 2006), it chose Missaglia to review the previous quarter of a century of its history in painting.

Missaglia is now working on an artistic book projected for the Italian Carabinieri Group for 2007. He uses painting to describe the history of the many facets of their presence at the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006. The book will be presented at the Turin Book Fair 2008.

In 2007 Missaglia showed several portraits realized for the art exhibition at gallery Maison d’Art di Marietta Corsini (Monte-Carlo). In November 2007 he performed a Ferrari’s Art Event in the same gallery. Missaglia partook in Shangai and Palm Beach International Art Fairs.

During the 2007/2008 Winter he has designed two different limited series of
art-trophy for the Cortina Yacht Club and one for the Historic Race 2008 of
Venice. Missaglia’s works can be seen in the permanent exhibitions of the following galleries : San Carlo in Milan, Hausammann in Cortina d’Ampezzo and G.A.M.(Marescalchi) in Monte Carlo. He has always been active as an organiser of artistic events, conferences, exhibitions, debates and concerts.

His works also number among many public and private collections, having
recently also been included in the modern art collection at the Gulbenkian
Foundation in Lisbon. Renato Missaglia lives in Gussago (Brescia- Italy).