Theodore Manolides

(Athenes, 1948 )

Every period shapes its own myths. Sometimes it modifies earlier ones by changing meanings or complements them by altering their content, their interrelation and their allusions. Nevertheless, Myths and Legends are constantly with us ; to interpret the mysteries of Man and Nature ; to explain historic, social, and cosmic phenomena.

At the same time they provide us with an echo of the timeless fascination allowing us to interpret in a painting both past and future, beginning and end, and to get out of the normal chronological time dimensions.

Myths are now more alive than ever in the mind of modern man. This is the challenge for the artist ; to try to re-establish the measure and order of things, to understand, to feel, to believe, and more importantly to regain vision.

It is a synthesis of fantasy, symbols, and reality ; an effort to join form with meaning ; a revelatory connection with the times.

Art is timeless, embraces the whole world and is concerned with the same eternal things : to give meaning to the commonplace, mystery to the obvious and perhaps a drop of eternity to the ephemeral.

The modern spirit not only looks for transgression but imposes it. Life is worth a better deal and perhaps only Art can award quality in the brief span of our lifetime.

Theodore Manolides

Theodore Manolides born in Athens.
Studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts
and attended the École Nationale Supérieure des
Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Graduated, produced and directed television films
in Paris and London.

Painted and lived in Europe, travelling frequently to
the United States where he exhibited his works of art.

Lives and works in Athens, Paris and Monaco.