Bouquet of tulips, roses, jasmines, anemones, and other flowers

( Troyes, 1611 - Paris, 1680 )

Oil on canvas 77 x 59,5 cm

Monte-Carlo, Maison d’Art, I Profumi della Natura, exhibition catalogue, 2000.

Maison d’Art, I Profumi della Natura, exhibition catalogue, Monte-Carlo 2000 no.1

Painter of flowers, Nicolas Baudesson lived for at least thirty years in Rome. Considered as one of the best flower-painters, he entered the academy in Paris on the 26th of May 1671.

He worked for the Chateau of Versailles where there was an extensive collection of paintings.
Baudesson did not sign his works out of a matter of principles.

We only know of a canvas signed on the back that belongs to Gille Leblanc’s collection, dated 14th January 1678.

Michel Fare writes : “The flowers are of an incredible intensity of colour and come out vividly thanks to a dense chiaroscuro.”

Baudesson was very much appreciated for his paintings.
The various flowers represented, tulips, roses, jasmines and anemones, with extreme lightness and movement express the great ability of this important painter.

The use of flowers already blossomed in their splendour is repeated in his works as in the painting.