Michele Marieschi

Capricci of the Venetian Lagoon with peasants resting before houses

Michele Marieschi
( Venise, 1710 - Venise, 1743 )

Oil on canvas 24x36 cm Ralph Toledano confirmed the attribution upon the basis of photographs and suggesting a date of execution in the early 1730s.

USA, Private collection.

Shanghai Art Museum, China, From Light to Enlightenment, 12 -17 November 2005; Museo Diocesano di Arte Sacra, Chioggia, Nel segno della Serenissima. Capolavori dell’arte veneta dal XIV al XVIII secolo, 18 March – 9 April, 2006; Accademia Fine Art, Monte-Carlo, Venise, La Serenissima, June – July, 2007.

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These two small “capricci”, constitute, due to their size and stylistic approach, works painted as a pair. The quality of the paintings tends to place them to the initial phase of Marieschi’s activity in the field of “vedute” commenced in 1735; in evidence are in fact, in the manner of execution, for instance works like the Capricci with Venetian Monuments which appeared for the first time in Christie’s London sales rooms the 15th of April 1983 and currently in a private Swiss collection (technical list 41-44). The miniature figures of the peasants and fishermen placed mainly in the foreground appear referable, in this case as well, to the work of Francesco Simonini or to one of his close followers.