Dimitar Lukanov

Fire Sky

Dimitar Lukanov
Plovdiv, Bulgaria,

SHANGHAI Art Fair – November 16, 2006

“Fire Sky” is an intricate, delicate-appearing sculpture created through the 5, 000-year old, labor intensive “lost wax” method. It is designed to convey upward movement through its solid yet ethereal form ; a singular piece, it has several entirely different visual manifestations, depending on the point of observation.

The author of this unusual piece is Dimitar Lukanov who recently created the 16 feet tall “Light to Sky”, a centerpiece sculpture, now welcoming some 7 million visitors to New York City’s JFK International Airport Terminal 4, the central international terminal. The airport project was among the top selections of the prestigious annual editorial “Art-in-America” 2006 sourcebook for public art projects in the United States. The sculptor created his piece for the Shanghai exhibit entirely out of beeswax. Lukanov cast “Fire Sky” with a single pour of metal ; the wax was then melted, only the fired ceramic mold with the imprinted cavities remained ; with just one mold and a structure forbidding reproduction, the end result was one-of-a-kind sculpture. “At every stage there is great risk that the molten metal might not fill all the cavities and then the work would be lost”, he said. Dimitar Lukanov’s work was acclaimed, most recently, at the Third World Fine Art Exhibition in Moscow’ Manezh, Russia.